THE ROOM OF NO RETURN: when Death and Lust meet...ROOM 901

Hotel Questesh, the most luxury Hotel in the city of Lusaka, where anything can happen—even a dreadful murder in the midst of pleasure, which might prove to be impossible to find out. Boyd, a young black man, jovial, sensitive and an enemy of darkness .He dreams of Hotel Quetesh but, little did he know the Hotel exist. In his dream, he sees strange things happen to people that visits the Hotel. He shares his dream with his wife Chikondi—she confirms the Hotel exists. He tells her to warn the people, she does, they refuse to listen. In his second dream, Boyd appears in “ROOM 901”—one of the rooms at Hotel Quetesh. He perceives a black woman’s underwear, stained with blood, hanging on the side of the savaged bed. In a moment, Boyd bumps into Alineswe,a goddess, who pulls her Sexual pleasure on him. Does Alineswe really exist at Hotel Quetesh, or it’s just in Boyd’s dream? If she does exist, Will Boyd resist the temptation of Sexual pleasure in reality? Or will he succumb to her charm and sell his soul? THE ROOM OF NO RETURN has answers! Read this book to discover the truth behind ROOM 901.
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